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Breeding of Labrador Retriever

“Perfect Breed” breeding unit is a home breeding registered in the Polish Kennel Club based in Legnica. For several years, dogs from the greatest breed in the world (Labrador Retriever) are our friends and companions of our life struggles.

We bought our first Labrador Retriever in 2007. It was a gorgeous female named ABI, which still lives with us under the same roof and every days it gives us a lot of joy.

Labradors are remarkably gentle and sociable dogs. They are full of energy and they like all kinds of movement, including swimming or long walks during the winter, because their hair is very dense and protect them from the cold.


However, it should be noted that Labradors have a tendency to gain weight especially after sterilization, so it is very important to ensure the proper nutrition of your pet. These dogs really need direct contact with the man and they get this contact in our breeding from the first day of life. Labrador is an extremely family and cheerful dog. Additionally, it is relatively easy in training and does not show tendency to aggressive behavior, because it did not mastered the characteristics of domination over the man. These dogs tolerate children and other animals very well and they are very patient against them. They do not require a lot of care.

In addition to the daily dose of movement (e.g. walks and running), they do not absorb the owner excessive amounts of time. Our breeding of Labradors under the name Perfect Breed is carried out in home conditions what causes that the dogs are our inseparable companions. Labradors are “universal” dogs and they are successfully used in dog therapy, hunting, searching for drugs, searching for explosive devices, as dog rescuers or guides of blind people. Due to the fact that dogs of this breed have very good eyesight and the ability to memorize, they are good at fetching and ability competitions.


Labradors from the breeding of pedigree dogs Perfect Breed can distinguish up to five hundred thousand scents, and the average person is able to distinguish about four thousand scents. Our breeding makes every effort to ensure that all dogs are very acclimated and socialized with people, because only proper socialization can prepare the dog for life in the world around us. The breeding of Labradors under the name Perfect Breed, which is run by me and my wife, is our passion. Therefore, all our dogs are treated like family members. Our kennel is run in Kwiatkowice in the municipality of Prochowice in Lower Silesia Voivodeship. Our Labrador puppies grow up in a large house with 0.5 ha plot. Additionally, they are in a constant contact with our children what causes that from the first days of life, they learn contact with children through communication with them. Breeding of Labradors is an incredible pleasure for us, so we want to give our dogs to people, who love animals as much as we love them.

When selecting the breeding, you should remember that all reliable breeding units ought to be registered in the Polish Kennel Club (PKC), because the Polish Kennel Club is the only organization belonging to the International Canine Organization (FCI – Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Only a pedigree issued by the Polish Kennel Club is a document recognized throughout the world, so a dog purchased from us can be successfully registered or it can participate in exhibitions in each country in the world.


We help to obtain all documents, which are necessary to transport the puppy across the border and the register the puppy abroad.

We encourage you to become familiar with this wonderful breed of dogs (Labradors) from our breeding and to contact us by phone or e-mail. With a great pleasure, we will exchange with you our experiences.

Tomek and Angelika