„A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than he loves himself”.

/J. Billings /

Dogs are always visible in our lives – since time immemorial. In difficult moments, they bring consolation, and in happy moments they bring laugh and fun. Our dogs are treated as full members of the family – maybe with one exception -“the couch is mine”. We love walks, works, trainings and workouts with dogs. Furthermore, we love exhibitions, where we can present them.


However, the most important is the fact that we have our dogs since they were little puppies. We observed them as they were small “balls” (in some sense, they still are), they were growing up before our eyes and they showed us their boundless love.

All our dogs have a complete set of tests, so we can be sure that their offspring will not be burdened with hereditary diseases. Every mating in our kennel is considered and it is never a coincidence. We carefully select candidates for our females and these “partners” are always beautiful dogs, whose value was confirmed by cynological judges.

We are members of the Polish Kennel Club and thus we belong to the largest International Canine Organization – FCI.